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  • Car Tool Kit

    107,64 $

    Is your car giving you trouble? Don’t wait for a tow truck or a mechanic, fix it yourself with this Car Tool Kit. It has everything you need to get the job done right, including a ratchet set, screwdriver set, and pliers. You’ll be able to fix that flat tire or change your oil in…

  • Car Windshield Repair Tool

    19,31 $

    If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to fix minor windshield damage, this Car Windshield Repair Tool is a great choice. Whether your damage is from a small rock chip or a long crack, this tool will help to restore your windshield to its original condition. The Repair Resin Kit included in this…

  • Cat Bed

    38,12 $49,27 $

    Welcome to our luxurious Cat bed! Rejuvenate your furry friend’s sleep with our plush, fully-enclosed bed. Our thickened sponge insulation blocks out excess noise so that paws can relax without interruption. Best of all, the semi-enclosed design helps your pet feel safe and secure while they take their daily catnaps. And don’t worry about cleaning…

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    Ceylon Cinnamon Tea bags – 100% Natural Best Herbal Drink – Balance Blood Sugar – Burns Fat – 10 tea bags

    3,00 $

    A healthy beverage made with cinnamon powder is cinnamon tea. Cinnamon Bark with a high nutritional value is used to extract cinnamon powder. The reason is that cinnamon powder is one of the simplest foods to prepare and one of the simplest ways to obtain these health advantages. The most lucrative and well-known variation is Cinnamomum Verum (Ceylon Cinnamon), however, there are other species in the genus that can have effects when drunk as a herbal tea.

  • Cleaning Electric Brush

    17,80 $49,99 $

    Are you looking for an efficient, convenient way to keep your home sparkling clean and sanitary? Look no further: our Cleaning Electric Brush is the perfect solution! This electric brush is designed with three interchangeable brush heads (nylon brush head/sponge brush head/wool brush head) so you can meet all your cleaning needs. And with its…

  • Deep Tissue Massage Tool

    23,08 $70,34 $

    Looking for a versatile and precise deep tissue massage tool? Look no further than the Deep Tissue Massage Tool! This professional-grade massager is designed to provide the deepest relief for people of any age and body type. Its unique design allows you to target specific and inaccessible muscles, providing you with unprecedented control over your…

  • Double Layer Self Watering Flowerpot

    19,75 $33,57 $

    Our Double Layer Self Watering Flowerpot is perfect for bringing your green dreams to life. This high-quality, double layer plastic flowerpot encourages water-saving and takes the hassle out of watering your plants every day. Provisioned with a designed port for filling, this product allows you to easily fill the transparent base which doubles as a…

  • Drone 8K 5G Aerial Photography Helicopter

    91,91 $

    Discover a whole new world of aerial photography with the Drone 8K 5G Aerial Photography Helicopter! This top-of-the-line drone features an ultra HD 5G WiFi 8K camera that captures breathtakingly beautiful shots in crisp detail and vivid colors. With its 6 axis gyro and 8*23mm brushed coreless motor, it offers superior control and responsive movements,…

  • DryRoller

    54,76 $

    Are you ready to make meal preparation easier, faster and more organized? With the DryRoller Sink Rack, you can do just that! Our innovative kitchen essential is the perfect way to keep your space tidy while adding valuable counter space. Featuring a unique adjustable design, this sturdy kitchen tool fits perfectly in any kitchen sink…

  • Earphones Noise Reduction

    152,42 $

    For a truly outstanding listening experience, try out the Monster XKH01 Wireless Bluetooth 5.3 Headphones. In this new way of listening to music, you can enjoy a fashionable appearance, rich colors and superior portability to take your tunes with you wherever you go! Additionally, featuring an ENC noise reduction system that filters out any surrounding…

  • Electric Coffee Grinder

    49,67 $50,49 $

      Introducing the Electric Coffee Grinder – the perfect addition to any household kitchen! This versatile and multifunctional machine is designed to make grinding your favorite cereals, nuts, spices, beans, and even flour a breeze. Equipped with a powerful blade, this portable grinder can chop through any ingredient quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re making a…

  • Electric Cooking Pot

    117,47 $149,68 $

    Say goodbye to cooking worries with the newly upgraded Electric Cooking Pot! This multi-functional cooker is perfect for home or dormitory use, as it is capable of cooking a variety of foods such as steak, stir-fry, noodles, porridge and more. Adjustable firepower levels of 300W/600W allows you to cook food exactly the way you want…