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  • Double Layer Self Watering Flowerpot

    19,75 $33,57 $

    Our Double Layer Self Watering Flowerpot is perfect for bringing your green dreams to life. This high-quality, double layer plastic flowerpot encourages water-saving and takes the hassle out of watering your plants every day. Provisioned with a designed port for filling, this product allows you to easily fill the transparent base which doubles as a…

  • Transparent Self Watering Flowerpot

    20,06 $28,70 $

    Never worry about over-watering your plants again with the new Transparent Self Watering Flowerpot. Crafted of durable double layer plastic, these planters are designed for energy efficiency and water conservation. The clear base of the pot allows you to monitor and maintain the appropriate amount of water so your flowers or plants can grow healthy…